Marketing Services

The amazing thing about marketing is that it’s fun. It’s fun to create great marketing tools, and it’s even more fun to watch the profits roll in when your marketing has been successful! How should you market? Where should you market? Who should be the face of your business (or should you even have one)? What’s the perfect tagline? When is it time to change your strategy?

The truth is, different marketing techniques work for different businesses. Depending on the nature of your business, online advertising may not get you the most for your money, or direct mail may be an absolute fail.

… or they could work wonders for your image and double your client base!

KCBS offers an array of traditional marketing services.

Let’s talk about what will work well for you and your business based on your specific goals.

script writing for radio, online video, & television; media placement | A/B testing | brochure and flyer design | promotional items | market research

advertorial content | promotional campaigns | event management | direct mail | branding | logo design