Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is basically the implementation of that elusive formula that takes internet surfers to your page at the top of Google’s (or Bing’s or search engine you prefer) list of rankings, based on the keyword(s) you typed into the search bar.

How the search engine determines which page ranks first, second, third, and so on is dependent on a mathematical formula known as a algorithm. It includes components that seem common sensical: good content, photos that are well identified, simple, clean coding, and the reputation of pages you link to and that link to you, along with the history and reputation of your site. It can also include some oddball elements, like the font type and colors you use on your site. There can be literally hundreds of elements in an algorithm and algorithms differ between search engines. This is, just because you rank in Bing doesn’t mean your website will rank in Google.

Okay, I’ve actually simplified this a lot. An algorithm is an exceptionally complex, dynamic (in that search engines are notorious for changing the algorithm often), and often, top-secret. The idea is to reward high quality sites with good content and leave less than valuable sites somewhere at the bottom of page 497.

The better your content, the better written for both human beings and search engines, the better your site will rank. Wondering how to write for search engines? (Or for that matter, for human beings?) KCBS is happy to help. Please reach out.