Social media specialists are beneficial to a growing business.

Having a solid social media presence is more important than ever. When Myspace launched in 2003, businesses began navigating uncharted waters to target customers on social media. Now 20 years later, the internet and social media have completely changed the way we market our businesses. How are you handling your brand’s social media accounts? This article may help you answer the question, “Does your business need a social media specialist?”

Job Description for a Social Media Specialist

According to, “a Social Media Specialist, or Social Media Marketing Specialist, is responsible for overseeing one or more social media accounts for a business. Their duties include creating and updating social media posting schedules, replying to comments from subscribers or liking tagged photos, and coordinating with other professionals to determine how to market a brand and its products or services using social media.”

In short, your social media specialist is a voice for your brand. You need to trust your specialist to represent your brand on the fly, meaning they need to be quick on their toes while staying committed to your brand standards.

To achieve this, he or she must:

  • have strong grammar and communication skills. 
  • be savvy on popular hashtags, audio clips, and other social media trends. 
  • be able to create attractive and effective content, thus having photography and video talent. 
  • have an eye for design. 
  • be organized because consistency is everything with social media. Posting regularly and using content that looks cohesive and conforms to brand standards is necessary for social media success. 
  • be a team player. A social media specialist should be able to interact with other team members to stay updated on all departments and to use that knowledge to create accurate content. 
  • be capable of forming and maintaining relationships with other team members and clients while also working independently and without supervision. 
  • be well-rounded, self-motivated, and trustworthy. 
  • be able to measure results. He or she should be able to determine what works and what doesn’t in order to fine-tune company campaigns.

In essence, your social media specialist must be a jack-of-all-trades.

What will Hiring a Social Media Specialist Cost Your Business?

For most small businesses, a social media specialist is a part-time position. Compensation is based on experience but can range from minimum wage to $30 per hour. Full-time specialists can cost a business $55,000 annually or more, plus benefits. However, the right individual can be a good return on investment.

The Cost of a Poor Social Media Presence

A strong social media presence can lead to more first-time customers, repeat customers, and higher average sales prices. It builds relationships with your followers, thus building a community. When it comes to marketing, social media campaigns can be more effective than other forms of advertising while being more affordable.

As businesses in the Smoky Mountain tourism industry struggle to hire new employees, finding the right social media specialist may present challenges. It’s a position that needs to be filled correctly. In the social media world, the only thing worse than no presence is a poor presence. A bad social media presence can deter customers, which is counterproductive to growing your business.

If your business could use help with your platforms but you’re not ready to hire a specialist, consider hiring an outside firm to manage your pages. A strong social media presence can benefit your growing business. Allow us to help until you see enough growth to warrant hiring an in-house professional.

A Day in the Life of a Kellum Creek Client

Hiring a professional is a social media trend for small businesses, whether it be an in-house team member or an outside firm.

Are you curious about partnering with an outside firm for social media services? Click here to walk through the experience of being a Kellum Creek Business Solutions social media client. Our team provides social media services for local small businesses in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and other Smoky Mountain areas. From content creation to posting, we can help your brand hit goals and achieve success! Watch this to learn more.

For business owners and managers, time management is vital to your company’s success. Delegating is an effective way of clearing your plate so you can spend time on other tasks. Social media is one area of business where it is wise to delegate. Handing the task to someone specialized can make a difference.

Do you have big dreams for your business? Strengthening your social media strategy is an affordable way to grow your business. Commit to growing your social media presence by contacting us today. Getting started is easy – click here today!