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How Smoky Mountain Drone Company is Impacting Business in East Tennessee

Smoky Mountain Drone Company shot of Knoxville Sunsphere
Photo courtesy of Smoky Mountain Drone Company

Drone photography is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the Smoky Mountains. With the stunning backdrop of the Smokies, rivers and lakes, and a rolling topography, East Tennessee is a wonderland for photographers. Drone photographers, like Smoky Mountain Drone Company, have a unique perspective and are a huge asset to the photography industry of Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Knoxville, and East Tennessee communities.

Smoky Mountain Drone Company: How It All Started 

Owner/operator, Jimi Holscher, got his start with drone photography in 2020. A musician for decades, Jimi found himself out of work during the pandemic. His calendar had been filled with performance dates but as local businesses stepped back from live music and gatherings, Jimi had time to find a new interest. 

“When that happened, we started camping out at the lake a lot. And that’s when I bought my first drone. I’ve always been into photography but being out at the lake, I wanted to see more,” Jimi explained. 

Douglas Lake beneath the Smoky Mountains, drone image.
Photo courtesy of Smoky Mountain Drone Company

That’s when Jimi started experimenting with his drone and he would bounce around at the lake’s islands taking shots of sunrises, the water, and the Smoky Mountains. He became increasingly inspired. Not long after that, he began studying for his FAA certification exam. Once he passed and received his certificate, Jimi began taking free-lance jobs and turned his hobby into a business. 

What started as a hobby has turned into an exciting business opportunity. Jimi admits that while he appreciates the ability to support his family with Smoky Mountain Drone Company, his favorite aspect of the business is making people happy. Capturing the right images and helping his clients is what drives him. 

Who is Hiring Smoky Mountain Drone Company? 


Weddings are a large portion of his bookings. Jimi enjoys photographing outdoor weddings and giving the bride a unique view of her special day. Drones can capture snapshots of a wedding ceremony or reception, and the images are especially incredible with the Smoky Mountains in the background.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are including drone images in their listings, especially for land or cabins that are high in the mountains. Properties like that are usually hard to photograph but not for Jimi and his drone. 

Event Organizers

The Smoky Mountains are a popular destination for all types of events. With the mountains, lakes, and numerous convention centers and meeting spaces, large groups flock to East Tennessee for indoor and outdoor events. Above you see a July 4 boat parade on Douglas Lake in Dandridge, TN. Smoky Mountain Drone Company can give event organizers unparalleled coverage of their event.

News Organizations

Drones offer incredibly helpful insight to breaking news, especially in hard to access areas like remote mountain areas.


Aerial views of construction projects are valuable to both the builder, and after the project the property owner will enjoy having the process documented. Shots, like these of the new Buc-ee’s at exit 407 in Sevierville, are fascinating and give us all a different perspective.

Perhaps the most exciting segment of his business is hyperlapse videos of construction projects. Hyperlapse videos are time-lapse images where the camera is moved a short distance between shots. This method of videography is popular in the construction industry. The views are highly valuable to builders and their clients, and the process also adds a layer of security to the site. The process can monitor the property for damage or theft. With continued growth in Sevier County, Jimi is a great resource for documenting the progress. 

“Hyperlapse updates allow people who aren’t on site to see the progress that is going on, or to have for the customer at a later time.” 

Web Designers

Drone images and videos can impact the visual experience of a website. Designers are using incredible imagery like drone footage to create beautiful websites. Whether they’re landscape images or of your particular business, aerial images and videos can add to the quality of your site. Here at Kellum Creek Business Solutions, we proudly feature Jimi’s photos and videos on our site.

Content Creators

Businesses and individuals can hire Smoky Mountain Drone Company for breathtaking, aerial views of the Smoky Mountains, like the video show above. Social media accounts and YouTube channels can use drone shots to improve the quality of their content. Filmmakers can also take advantage of aerial views.

Jimi couldn’t nail down a favorite niche to work with. He genuinely loves to use his drone to film anything but he particularly loves capturing the landscape of the Smoky Mountains. Lucky for us, we have videos like this to watch

What to Consider when Hiring a Drone Photographer 

If you’re considering drone photography for your event or project, keep these key points in mind while you select the right company for your project: 

FAA Certification 

You will want to hire a drone operator who is FAA certified. Only remote-pilot certified operators are legally allowed to fly drones for business purposes. Certified drone pilots understand local laws. Jimi is proudly FAA certified. 


For legality purposes, make sure your operator is insured. Jimi is insured and responsibly operates his machinery. 


You can find other drone photographers in the region but Jimi is local to Sevier County. This is important when a client wants images within the county or the Great Smoky Mountain National Park area. Jimi understands local regulations and the landscape of Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and surrounding areas.

Quality of Images 

Jimi can shoot up to 4K, depending on what his client’s needs are. He is committed to providing his clients high-quality images so they can be viewed on all screens, including large tv’s. 

What Can Smoky Mountain Drone Company do for you? 

Smoky Mountain Drone Company currently offers photography services for small and large projects in East Tennessee. You can view awe-inspiring images of Jimi’s work on his website and his social media account listed below. Reach out to Smoky Mountain Drone Company for custom pricing. You’ll find that Jimi is easy to work with and highly accommodating to his clients. For your drone photography needs, choose Smoky Mountain Drone Company in Sevier County. 

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