Small Business Social Media Trends in 2023

Small Business Social Media Trends

Which Social Media Trends your Small Business Needs to add into your Marketing Plan 

Social media usage has exploded on so many levels. There are more platforms, features, users, and new ways for businesses to cash in. With 59.3% of the world’s population active on social media, marketers cannot ignore the influence social media has on the purchasing habits of consumers. Large companies have been cashing in for years, but there are some exciting small business social media trends to take advantage of.

Small Business Social Media Trends

For small businesses, it’s important to drill down to the necessities and grow from there. Every company needs some form of social media because that’s where your customers are. Review these social media trends to see which ones your business needs to add. 

Hiring an Actual Social Media Professional 

In its beginning, the social media landscape was unchartered territory and most small to mid-sized companies were without a map. Employees were trying their best to create and manage one or two social media accounts, although the landscape has drastically changed since its inception. Now, there are numerous platforms, and the demands of owning social media accounts have grown. This has resulted in a boom of a completely new profession: the social media professional. 

A career in social media is now a legitimate and mature profession. The position goes by many names, but those in the social media field are highly sought after specialists who can truly make or break a brand. 

Salaries for social media managers range vastly. Not every business can afford one, but these days you can’t afford to not have one. If you haven’t already, adding a dedicated professional to your team is a must-have for. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to seek help from an outside vendor. 

As the social media world only grows, don’t be left behind by leaving your social media responsibilities to an amateur. Hire a social media professional or restructure your marketing positions to include a greater emphasis on social media. 

Increasing your Social Media Budget 

Small to mid-sized businesses are notorious for tightening up their marketing budgets. In fact, we see cuts or complete eliminations of marketing budgets during volatile economies like the one we’re in now. You’re probably looking for ways to make the most of your marketing budget, but don’t skimp on social media. In fact, the trend is to add more to your social media budget. 

The post-pandemic economy is fluid and consumer confidence changes daily, but social media has remained a staple in our daily lives. Users are adding more platforms to their social media portfolio, and they’re also spending more time on their platforms as well. ROI from social media is higher than ever. Marketing budgets are recovering from the pandemic and your competitors are spending more on social media. Now is the time to increase your social media budget. 

Cross-Posting is So ‘Last Year’ 

Users want genuine and authentic content that is curated specifically for them. It sounds selfish but if users are spending more time in these platforms, they want the experience to feel beneficial. Your content needs to add value to their lives. If you are blanketly cross-posting the same content across your accounts, you are missing the mark. Users visit different social media platforms for different reasons. The key here is to focus on which platforms best reflect your brand. Which networks do your target audience use? 

Once you’ve identified those networks, sink most of your efforts into them. Trying to spread your social media budget across too many networks will dilute your results. You may see cross-posting as a remedy, but it can actually be a problem if done incorrectly.  

Twitter has become a news-outlet for large brands, celebrities, governments and anyone with an extensive reach. That’s a big sea for a small business to get lost in. If your reach won’t go very far on Twitter, perhaps you should ditch the network and find a better option. TikTok, for example, is a favorite for Generation Z. The generation latched on to TikTok and is aging with the platform. If that’s your target demographic, your marketing dollars will go further there. 

For best results, decipher which platforms will have the greatest bang for your buck. It is ok to use a post scheduler, but don’t cross-promote the same message across all platforms. 

Sharing Authentic yet Beautiful Video Content 

Authentic video content is a huge social media trend for 2023

Our experiences on social media were once centered around photos and text, but that method lacks luster as we are inundated with exciting video content. According to, online videos made up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic in 2022. Experts agree that will increase in 2023. 

Social media networks have taken notice of our love for video and have given us the functionality to relish in it. Facebook and Instagram pushed their users toward Stories and Reels, and now creators are placing more of their content into those two streams. Once a platform solely dedicated to photos, Instagram has worked hard to shift their focus to video content. 

Your followers don’t want overly-edited content like that of a television ad, so your video content needs to feel authentic while still looking beautiful. Finding the right mix of editing and authenticity is what will drive up your engagement. 

Educating Your Followers 

Social media users are demanding that their time spent across platforms adds value to their lives, and one way they feel fulfilled is with educational content. YouTube has been a driving force in “how to” videos, but the trend has now spread across all platforms. In some form or fashion, users flock to social media to learn. 

TikTok’s viral dance videos are one example of this. As simple as it sounds, viewers are learning dance moves while having fun. The famous #TikTokTaughtMe hashtag fueled the fire with life hacks, which is the one type of educational content users crave. 

Experts anticipate seeing more searches for “how to” videos. Every company has something educational to share. A restaurant can share a video recipe for a popular dish. An attraction can give a behind the scenes tour. Get creative with your company and teach your audience something new. 

Employing Customer Service Chat Bots 

Chat bots can help grow  customer service for small businesses.

Your social media presence gives your audience the illusion that you’re available 24/7. Chat Bots can help you respond quickly to online messages from potential customers. 

Chat Bots are automated virtual agents that can be installed on your website or used on social media platforms. You’ve probably noticed a chat box in the lower corner of some of your favorite websites. That same idea is making its way into social media. If your business frequently receives FAQ-type questions that can be simply answered, a Chat Bot service can free up your staff to spend more time on complex messages and your overall social media presence. 

The idea can strengthen your level of customer service because it provides instant responses to your followers. If a potential guest reaches out to you via social media but they don’t receive a response, they may take their business elsewhere. While you shouldn’t use a Chat Bot to completely replace the human experience, look into the idea to cut down on answering repetitive messages.  

Partnering with Micro-Influencers 

You’re going to want to partner with more influencers. Users are drawn to authentic content, and social media influencers provide just that. As large influencers grow and require higher fees, micro-influencers have an open door for working with more brands. 

Micro-influencers have smaller accounts and a smaller reach; however, their fees are more affordable for small businesses and the partnership can provide larger results. Why? Because micro-influencers can better reach niche and local markets. This can be desirable for the tourism and hospitality industry. 

East Tennessee is a huge destination for travelers, but visitors are easily overwhelmed by the number of new businesses that have popped up. Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg were once seemingly small towns but the area has boomed since the Great Recession. Billboards and print advertising are still effective, but digital tactics like niche social media marketing is the hottest new way to reach potential customers. 

Posting Shoppable Content 

Gone are the days when we perused catalogs, and in the future, we may not even have to visit websites to make online purchases. Shoppable content is visually compelling and it is conveniently displayed for social media users to click and spend. This functionality makes it easier for your target customers to make purchases and it can spur impulse buys. 

Shoppable content is a way to provide exclusive offers to your followers. Instagram pioneered shoppable content and the platform is still the best place for businesses to get their feet wet. In your Instagram Business Account, try posting a listing to get familiar with the functionality. 

Shoppable content is expanding. Jump on the boat now and see how this idea can grow your sales. 

Update your Marketing Plan with these Social Media Trends 

Within the past few years, social media has truly solidified itself into our marketing plans and budgets. As you finalize your marketing budget, these are some small business social media trends you need to consider. 

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Authored in Appalachia || Amy Morton