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Find the Best Job with these Resume Tips

When you’re in pursuit of a new job, polishing your resume is the best place to start. We’re sharing some top resume tips to help you craft a great resume. You’ll be ready to submit it at a moment’s notice, which can make job hunting less stressful. Giving your resume a makeover, or starting from scratch, can freshen your memory regarding your qualifications. Focusing on your strong points can build confidence during a time when an extra dose can help you aim for the sky!  

Studying your resume can also inspire you to seek specific positions. It’s common to cast a wide net when job hunting, but narrowing your search can lead you to the right position. Become inspired with the best version of yourself! Then, as you come across a good job posting, you can act with confidence.  

Now that we’ve got you excited, we’re going to burst your bubble: an employer looks at a resume for an average of 6-8 seconds. That’s not much time to convey why you are the best candidate for the job! The most important way to get your foot in the door is to capture the employer’s attention immediately. That way, they spend enough time on your resume to learn how fantastic you are. Here are five easy tips for writing a great resume:  

Look Original  

Of all the resume tips, this may be the most important. Why? Because first impressions are everything. We recommend having an attractive resume that stands out from the crowd. If possible, avoid using a template. Resume templates are handy for inspiration, but don’t conform to one design. Instead, pick a few templates and pull attributes from each one. This will result in a resume unique to your personal style, and guarantees that you won’t be twinning with another candidate.  

You can find free resume templates in your word-processing software,,, or numerous other websites. With inspiration from the templates, start from scratch in your word-processing software. Use formatting tools to customize your resume. If you’re unfamiliar with Microsoft Word or other word processors, ask a friend to help. Here at Kellum Creek Business Solutions, we can customize a resume specifically for you!  

Once you have your layout, it’s time to start filling in the blanks.  

Be Short and Direct  

Don’t be too wordy. If you’ve got a visually attractive resume, the employer should spend a little more time reviewing it. However, the window of time is still limited. He or she will not read your resume line for line at this point. As the employer scans your resume, you want to impress them with highlights so they will dive deeper.  

Here is where your resume will either be kept or culled. To make it to the next phase, don’t provide a complete biography. Give them something informative and easy to review, while keeping it short and direct.  

Focus on Accomplishments

It’s easy to get carried away listing duties from previous positions, but don’t. Duties are monotonous and will be skipped over. Rather, focus on your accomplishments. The employer doesn’t want to know that it was your responsibility to post social media content. Instead, mention how you grew your previous employer’s Facebook followers by 75%.

Another example: avoid simply stating that you ordered supplies. Saving 25% annually on the company’s supplies is much more impressive! To really think through your accomplishments, make a list of the duties and then determine an impressive achievement for each. This will set you apart from other candidates.  

As you list your job history, be sure to have accomplishments listed for each position. Going back approximately fifteen years will give your resume plenty of relevant substance. This timeframe paints the employer an accurate picture of how you’ve grown as an employee without being too detailed.  

Impress with References

The reference section of your resume should only include people you can depend on for a professional and favorable recommendation. If you’ve made it this far, you don’t want to lose the opportunity with a bad contact. Ask each person for permission before using them as a reference. This is common courtesy, but also prevents them from sounding surprised when they receive a call from your potential employer.  

Aim for three references, but including more is acceptable if you have a high-quality list. Include your reference’s name, company, title, phone number, and email address. When considering your list, include a superior from previous employers. Furthermore, think outside of your previous positions. For example, are you involved in any organizations such as your local chamber of commerce? Ask someone within the organization if you can use them as a reference. How about an important client? Their perspective can be beneficial too.  

Check for Typos and Grammatical Errors

This sounds obvious but you want to make every effort to have a polished resume. Once you have your attractive template and listed work history, accomplishments, and references, it is time to edit, edit, and edit.  

First, check the errors that your word-processing software catches. Also, visually scan the resume for cohesive headings, tabs, and bullet points. Be sure that you have formatted consistently. This lends to the attractiveness of your resume and makes you look organized too. Printing a hard copy makes this task easier, and also helps you catch odd page breaks. Don’t let sections become separated with page breaks. While resumes are most commonly emailed and reviewed digitally these days, make sure your resume looks just as professional when printed.  

Additional ways of editing your resume include asking a friend to review it and pasting it into a free Grammarly account. These extra steps can make all the difference when an employer dives into the content of your resume.  

Resume Tips to Put Your Best Foot Forward

Resume writing tips

These resume tips apply to every one in every profession, although resume design and content will look different for job seekers in various industries and levels. The key is to create a resume that represents your past and present but also speaks to your future career. The saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” applies here. Craft a resume that lets employers know you are the best candidate for the available position!  

Ready to make a great impression on your next boss? We have you covered. Kellum Creek Business Solutions offers resume and interview preparation for individuals. Success can seem elusive, and you don’t have to be miserable at work. We can help you land your dream job! It’s easy to get started – simply fill out this form today.

Authored in Appalachia || Amy Morton