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Why Your Website Needs Content With Reach

Welcome to Kellum Creek Business Solutions! We specialize in helping small business owners and managers reach a higher level of success. We offer a suite of services, including blog content creation, to achieve our mission. As our copywriter, Amy’s goal is to craft expertly written content for our clients’ websites. If you’re looking for a local copywriter in Sevier County and surrounding areas, partner with Amy to tell your company’s story.

Blogger and content creator in Sevierville, TN

Our team of industry veterans and up-and-comers work together to help small businesses thrive. Amy Morton is a local copywriter with a background in Sevier County’s tourism industry. She understands the need for quality content with reach. Quality content is one of our top recommended ways to boost your website’s SEO and keep your website fresh.

We want to reach potential clients, resulting in impressions and conversions. But the reach to really aim for is much deeper than that. Amy’s goal is to resonate with your audience so they do business with you not just once but again and again. This content is designed to tell a story about your business, but in such a way that the audience sees value in establishing a relationship with you instead of making a one-time visit.

Whatever your business goals are, start reaching them with this easy and effective method of utilizing expertly written content from a local’s perspective.

Examples of Content with Reach Written by a Local Copywriter

Rafting in the Smokies

Rafting in the Smokies

In this article for Rafting in the Smokies, Amy sought to paint a picture of the perfect day at the outpost. It’s not just about rafting for an hour; it’s about the full Rafting in the Smokies experience. She used this opportunity to inform guests of ways to expand upon the experience. Amy proposed a picnic while lingering on the beautiful property. Then, she gave equal attention to other activities, like the ropes course and rock-climbing wall, so readers could see the value of spending an entire day with this fabulous local business.

The result is a piece that educates consumers and inspires them to fall in love with rafting and with Rafting in the Smokies.

Amy’s background in the Smoky Mountain tourism industry gives her an advantage when writing content. She sees businesses from the proprietors’ and visitors’ perspectives, allowing her to connect the two viewpoints to benefit both parties. Hiring a local copywriter has its benefits.

Apple Barn Winery

Apple Barn Winery in Sevierville

When writing this piece about Apple Barn Winery, Amy’s goal was to expand the singular act of wine tasting into the broader experience of relaxing on the patio, visiting the adjacent businesses in Applewood Valley, and deepening the experience via visits to the winery’s sister properties. She highlighted the various wine trails in the Smoky Mountains. Also, she proposed wine as a sweet souvenir, thus upselling readers to invest more time and money into their visit. Additionally, online shopping and wine club membership links were included to strengthen the article and empower readers to incorporate that vacation feeling into their daily lives back at home.

The relationship between Apple Barn Winery and its guests is much deeper than one visit; it’s a mutually exclusive connection built upon feelings, experiences, and memories. This is true for your business too! Let’s share that story.

As you read that article, also notice the network of links that were woven into the copy. Search engines look for internal and external links, keywords, average time readers spend on the page, and fresh content. We always want the copy to flow well and inform the reader, but we’re also seeking the search engines’ attention.

Amy’s content is search engine optimized, so your business will reach customers with helpful and enjoyable information. Quality content is key, both in form and function.

Why not use AI? 

Artificial intelligence poses many questions across all industries but until AI can capture the emotional essence of our hospitable heritage, we feel that human-created content is the best way to reach our clientele. The tourism industry of Sevier County is famed for its hospitality. AI cannot emote and deliver an authentic and heartwarming message as we can.

Moreover, we are a local company serving companies in Sevier County and the surrounding region. Who better to convey the essence of our community than humans who live, work, and play here? It’s a vibe that cannot be recounted by a computer. We think you’ll agree; working with a local copywriter is best.

Quality Content for Your Website from a Local Copywriter

Does your website need quality content? Let’s work together to tell a story your audience wants to hear.

Sevier County is one of the nation’s largest tourist destinations, but Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Kodak, and Seymour are also home to thousands of local families. Local businesses are an integral part of our community. Kellum Creek Business Solutions has clients in the tourism industry, but we also serve local businesses including Rocky Top K9, Sevier County Fair, Faithfully Fashionable by Donna Roland, and many more. Whether your business seeks to reach tourists, locals, or both, we can help.

We suggest committing to two pieces of content per month. Quality content is vital, but consistently updating your site with fresh posts is the best way to build momentum and keep it going.

Copywriter in Sevierville - Amy Morton with Kellum Creek Business Solutions

This is our chance to tell the world how wonderful you and your team are! Want to learn more? Contact your local copywriter, Amy Morton, to get started today.

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