How to handle employee absenteeism

How to Handle Employee Absenteeism Like a Pro

Employee absenteeism can affect all aspects of your business. From morale to the bottom line, your business will suffer when employees are regularly absent. According to the latest figures from the U.S. Department of Labor, absenteeism costs businesses billions of dollars each year in lost productivity, not to mention turnover costs associated with replacing absent employees.

While many factors contribute to employee absenteeism, such as illness or personal issues, the bottom line is that it can have a significant impact on your business. If left unchecked, absenteeism can lead to higher levels of turnover, increased costs, and lower morale. That’s why it’s important to take steps to address the issue. Here are a few tips:

How to Correct Employee Absenteeism

Have a Strong Attendance Policy

If your business does not have an attendance policy in place, it’s time to create one as soon as possible. This is generally the responsibility of the human resource department, although many small businesses don’t have one. Learn more about the vital functions of HR here.

Having the policy is not enough; ensure that all employees are aware of it. Furthermore, the policy must be enforced. This will help to set expectations and discourage employees from taking excessive time off. When implementing a new policy, gather your employees for a mandatory meeting. Explain why you are enacting the policy, and stay firm as you discuss it with them. Being thorough and covering your bases will let your employees know that you will not tolerate habitual absenteeism. Ask each employee to sign the policy. This will be handy should you have to fire an employee for violating the policy.

If an employee is frequently absent, speak with them about the issue and work together to identify the root cause. Perhaps the employee is having trouble outside of work and maybe there is an issue you can help resolve. Alternatively, your employee could be having an issue at work. If they’re dealing with job dissatisfaction, low morale, or they are having problems with another employee, correcting this could fix their absenteeism. Caring about the livelihood of your employees is an important characteristic of a business owner and manager. You are only as good as your employees, so working hard to maintain happy employees is vital to the success of your business.

Track Absences and Tardiness

Many small businesses are so small that employees are not required to clock in or report time. This is fine but it makes it more difficult to track absences and tardiness. Tracking will help you identify patterns and problem areas. In a manner that works best for your business, start tracking the occasions when an employee is late or misses days of work.

How to Prevent Absenteeism

Employee absenteeism may not be an issue for you now, however it is still important to take steps to prevent it. Having the attendance policy is a great place to start. Every newly hired employee should be aware of the policy. Here are additional ways to prevent employee absenteeism:

Ensure that your Employees are Healthy

Consider offering health insurance benefits if you don’t already. If this is not an option for your business, create a wellness reward system. This system can reward employees who get an annual physical, exercise regularly, or meet other qualifications. Offering to pay for employee gym memberships is a great perk that can enhance their overall wellness.

Have a Clean and Safe Work Environment

Is your workplace comfortable? Factors like air conditioning, lighting, and seating can have a big impact on morale. Your employees will perform better if they are comforable. Check the status of your workplace and make improvements. Ask your team for input.

Offer Breaks and Vacations

Encourage employees to take regular breaks and vacations. Allowable time off such as sick days, personal time and vacation time gives your employees time to take care of personal errands, and also to relax and recharge. Being generous encourages a positive work-life balance. This balance can be an asset to your company! Not only will it allow your current employees to thrive, but it can attract a higher level of talent when hiring new employees.

As for breaks during the work day, offer a comfortable area where your employees can truly relax. A beverage station, microwave, and table can make all the difference. Your employees should be able to recharge during a break and come back fresh and ready to perform.

Build a Strong Team

A positive work environment is one where employees feel valued and appreciated. When an employee has a sense of ownership, they will usually go the extra mile to find success. Treating your current team members with respect and admiration will boost their confidence and ultimately their job performance.

If there is friction between employees, try to remedy the situation. Allowing the friction to linger brings down morale. Likewise, friction between an employee and yourself can be trouble. Try to repair the relationship but do not allow it to harm your business.

The key to successfully building a strong team is to hire good people. Your generous time-off policy is a great place to start; wages is another. Happy employees are a great way to attract more happy employees too. The ideas in this article are meant to improve the issue of frequent employee absenteeism, but they can have positive ripple effects.

Handling Employee Absenteeism

No business can afford to have its employees regularly absent from work. Chronic absenteeism can be a serious problem for businesses of all sizes, but it affects small businesses more severely. Handling employee absences can be a daunting task for any business owner or manager, but with the right tools and strategies in place you can minimize the effects of absenteeism on your bottom line.

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