Donna Roland

Donna Roland is a light in this world. After enduring various trials in her life, somehow, she shines brighter than ever. Her radiant smile and fabulous style will instantly intrigue you, but her beauty on the inside will knock your socks off. Donna has a seemingly endless fountain of faith, and to glorify God, she shares it with women across the country.

"She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come." Proverbs 31:25

We think this verse from Proverbs describes Donna perfectly. She shares it on her website’s homepage, which was designed and created by Kellum Creek Business Solutions. Donna is an East Tennessee native, and Southern charm is perhaps her best accessory. Her sweet sense of humor and vibrant personality lends to her endearing character. She is a public speaker, professional stylist, and Christian image consultant who has devoted her career to lifting and encouraging other women. If you don’t know her already, it’s time to meet Donna Roland.

Meet Donna Roland

Faithfully Fashionable in Sevierville, TN

Donna had a successful career in the corporate world, but God called her to work in a completely different industry. Faced with the fear of stepping outside her comfort zone, she took a leap of faith and reached out to Fashion Meets Faith founder Shari Brandel. Donna was invigorated and inspired to build her own business after spending a week learning from Shari. Armed with faith, Donna stepped away from her career. That is how her company, Faithfully Fashionable, got started. Now, she seeks to spread that faith to other women.

Donna is a mother, wife, and most importantly, a Christian. She is a child of God who has devoted her career to loving her sisters in Christ. Donna’s mission appeals to women of all ages and backgrounds, and her advice applies to every facet of a woman’s life. Leading by example, she is a walking talking testimony. 

Faithfully Fashionable with Donna Roland

Event and styling services from Donna Roland.

Faithfully Fashionable is a local business with a national reach. Donna travels the country speaking to churches, colleges, conferences, and other groups. She also works locally with individuals and small groups of women. Donna speaks to groups of hundreds of women or collaborates with individuals to make over wardrobes.

The fun process includes learning about colors, styles, accessories, and dressing for a particular body type. Donna approaches the subject from a Christian viewpoint. In the end, Donna reveals how our outward appearance can affect our inward abilities. The focal point of every aspect of Faithfully Fashionable is empowering a woman to see herself the way God sees her. She achieves that with these services: 

Event Speaking

Donna knows that we are reflections of God. During her presentations, she inspires women to be fashionable while remaining faithful and honoring God. She lays out the importance of confidence, which can be drawn from looking and feeling good. Even when we don’t feel our best, Donna encourages women to get up, dress up, and never give up. 

Her expertise can benefit women in any environment. Donna speaks to women’s groups at churches, Christian conferences, businesses, and corporate retreats. She also visits companies to work with human resource departments to develop dress codes. To further help, Donna gives employees presentations about professional workplace attire. Would you like to invite Donna Roland to speak to your group? Learn more about hiring Donna here.

Fashion Retreats and Parties

Weekend retreats and girlfriend getaways are popular trips in the Smoky Mountains. Donna brings women closer together as a group while also encouraging each woman to individually love herself as God created her. 

She educates the group on the best colors and styles for each complexion and body type. Her personal style analysis, which takes approximately 90 minutes, helps the client learn to edit her current wardrobe. Of course, the entire presentation is uplifting and inspiring. Schedule Donna Roland for your next retreat! Learn more about scheduling Donna here.

Stylist Services

Do you have a full closet, yet nothing to wear? Donna Roland is your solution. She offers a closet analysis and organization service to further aid her clients. This collaboration will result in a closet that resembles a private boutique. Imagine opening your closet to find a curated collection of pieces that compliment your appearance on the outside while empowering how you feel on the inside. During these appointments, her professional organizing experience comes into play. Clients are left with a clean and efficient closet, and newfound excitement for dressing up. For additional support, Donna offers personal shopping appointments. Learn more about her stylist services here.

Get up. Dress up. And never give up. 

A decade into her mission with Faithfully Fashionable, Donna was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her diagnosis occurred at the height of the pandemic, which added stress to an already difficult situation. She immediately knew that God was going to use her cancer diagnosis to inspire other women. Donna underwent a long series of surgeries and treatments, and she is now in remission. Birthed from the struggles of navigating breast cancer, she developed a new presentation to inspire other women to find hope in every circumstance, no matter how desperate. 

Her presentation, Get up. Dress up. And never give up. centers on the strength Donna drew from God during her time battling cancer. She admits that she had to rely on that strength because she had none of her own. Her passion is to empower women to conquer the battle, regardless of what it is. 

“God put this presentation on my heart to share,” Donna said.

The Inspirational and Uplifting Presentation

The presentation begins with Donna speaking about the simple act of getting up each morning. Sometimes the act of just getting out of bed can be difficult. She addresses giving oneself the grace to have those bad days, but not allowing them to turn into weeks or months. She speaks from a place of experience and uses herself as an example.

As the presentation evolves into dressing up, Donna has fun livening the crowd with fashion. This interactive segment allows each woman to select her most complimentary colors and styles. The presentation rounds out with a focus on feeling your best, finding strength, and never giving up. 

“Whatever you are going through, never give up hope. There is always hope,” Donna shares. “We don’t always have a choice about what happens to us, but we have a choice on how to handle those things. My goal is to be an example of hope and never giving up.” 

Donna Roland’s Website 

The website for Faithfully Fashionable was outdated and difficult to manage. Donna contacted Ashley Davis, CEO of Kellum Creek Business Solutions, for a new website. During the project, Ashley took the positive aspects of the old website and incorporated them into a new website with a polished design and updated functionality.

“Donna Roland is exceptional, always ready to put her best foot forward, beautifully,” Ashley spoke of Donna. “I have admired Donna for years and it has been an honor to work with her to create a website that is not only suited to her personality and character, but positions her expertise in all things organization and presentation.”

Ashley was able to capture Donna’s vibrant persona. The website,, effectively communicates Donna’s story, mission, and suite of services. Visitors to the website can contact Donna and sign up for her newsletter. They can also view her upcoming events and newsletter archive

“She’s been fabulous to work with,” Donna said of Ashley. “I like having someone locally that I can go to when I have updates. She monitors the site monthly, and when I need something, I know I can pick up the phone.” 

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Authored in Appalachia || Amy Morton