Music City Videographer Evokes Stories of the Smoky Mountains

Carl Diebold is a storyteller, and he uses his artistic vision and videography skills to share about others. He is a highly successful videographer, director, and producer in Nashville, and he works with some of music’s most influential stars. 

Likewise, Diebold works with corporate clients to use storytelling as a method for reaching customers. This specialized marketing strategy works for any brand, especially those in the Smoky Mountain tourism industry where our customers are searching for more than just a transaction. Because our visitors crave meaningful experiences during their vacation, videos are an opportunity for local brands to give potential guests a preview, tug at the heartstrings, and convert the feeling into a memorable visit. 

As Diebold expands his business to include more brands, Kellum Creek Business Solutions is partnering with him as our preferred videographer to find even more success for our clients. We’re pleased to introduce Carl and share more about his services. Everyone, meet Carl Diebold

Carl Diebold, Videographer and Music Video Producer in Nashville 

Diebold has worked with some of the biggest names in Nashville including George Jones, Vince Gill, Big and Rich, Tracy Lawrence, Rascal Flatts, and others. Additionally, he has produced incredible video projects for Christian and gospel stars such as Natalie Grant, Amy Grant, Lauren Daigle, Andrew Ripp, TobyMac, and more. 

He is originally from Charlotte, NC, but moved to Tennessee to attend college in the Chattanooga area. Carl started a video company with two partners right after school and later moved to Nashville to grow the business. However, he has been working solo for 20 years and has made a name for himself in Music City. Learn more about Carl here.

How Carl Diebold’s Success in Nashville Translates to the Smoky Mountain Tourism Industry

Carl Diebold with family
Photo credit: Carl Diebold

Whether it’s a musician with lyrics or a business with a product, Diebold authentically enjoys using video to communicate a message. 

“I’m inspired by stories; the stories of people and companies,” Carl shared. “Everyone is trying to tell a story.” 

He is also inspired by the diversity of his projects. Mixing clients from the entertainment industry and the corporate world keeps his interests piqued and further inspires him. Faith is another inspiration. 

“My faith is the most important aspect of who I am, and I don’t shy away from it,” Carl stated. 

Diebold’s commitment to his faith is evident in his catalog of work. With the style of artists and brands he represents, it is clear that his faith guides his career. His family-friendly and clean portfolio pairs well with the Smoky Mountain tourism industry’s reputation.

Smoky Mountain Ties

Carl Diebold, videographer from Nashville, often visits the Smoky Mountains with his family.
Photo Credit: Carl Diebold

Diebold’s wife is from the Smoky Mountains. The couple vacations in the area often and visits family while enjoying all that this area has to offer. Along with their two children, the Diebolds love to hike and visit attractions like Dollywood, dinner shows, go-kart tracks, and shops. 

While he has worked all over the world, Tennessee is home, and the Smoky Mountains hold a special place in his heart. As this videographer grows his portfolio to include more businesses, it is natural to offer his services to brands in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and surrounding areas. 

Carl Diebold, Videographer and Storyteller in the Smoky Mountains

What story does your brand want to tell? 

Whether you’re marketing to families or trying to reach brides, groups, or international travelers, video is the dominant way to garner new customers. As you work toward growing your business in the Smoky Mountain tourism industry, consider using the powerful tool of video to tell your brand’s story. 

Diebold offers captivating cinematic productions that visually wow viewers while also tugging at heartstrings. He is a master at connecting the viewer to the artist’s or brand’s story. His corporate productions are the perfect combination of emotion and education, which informs viewers about the brand and encourages them to do business. 

Many of his productions were shot in nature. View his work such as Pinewood Surf Club or Groove Life to see how his videography skills seemingly immerse the viewer in the setting. His ability to make viewers feel like they’re there is what sets Diebold apart from other videographers. This is particularly helpful here in the Smoky Mountains where nature is the foundation for our industry. 

How Can You Use Video to Propel Your Brand?

The importance of current and fresh content for advertising, your website, and social media platforms has never been more important than now. Diebold is offering his services for: 

  • Commercials 
  • Promotional Videos 
  • Social Media Content 
  • Documentaries
  • Training and Safety Videos

Video Marketing Works for Any Type of Business

Carl Diebold’s video style complements the businesses in our industry. Here are more examples of his work:

Lodging Properties 

South Wind Apartment Homes in Franklin, TN, is an excellent example of his ability to market lodging properties. 


This short and sweet piece for Arrington Vineyards near Nashville is an example of how his high-quality cinematic shots can be effective even within a quick ten-second timeframe. 

Adventure Tourism 

Carl produced this high-energy piece for Outfitters Coffee Company. The spirit and vivaciousness of this ad puts us in mind of our local rafting, ziplining, biking, and hiking companies. 

Partnering with Carl Diebold to Tell your Brand’s Story

The Value of Productions from this Premier Videographer

A large-scale production like a music video for Rascal Flatts can run upwards of $150K. How can a local company in the Smoky Mountains get this level of quality on a small business budget? Contact us to learn more about Carl Diebold. 

Diebold has structured his business to make his services affordable for all budget levels. Unlike other directors who rent equipment and outsource work, Carl most often works alone and owns his gear. He is trained in all areas of the video production process. This makes his products more affordable than his competitors. 

Furthermore, the team at Kellum Creek Business Solutions is local and connected to this community. We have the tools to help local businesses thrive, and partnering with Carl further elevates our abilities.

Let’s Tell Your Brand’s Story

Carl Diebold’s Demo Reel

Working with Kellum Creek Business Solutions and Carl Diebold is a simple process. After an initial conversation with us about the project and budget, we will all work with the client to form a concept and determine the actors, location, and date. From there, the process of shooting, editing, and producing the final product is smooth. Carl involves the client and uses their feedback to ensure the video is exactly what they want. 

Carl Diebold is our recommended videographer for projects of scale. View his demo reel to get a feel for the power of his work and contact Kellum Creek Business Solutions to get started on your brand’s project. 

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Authored in Appalachia || Amy Morton